torsdag, mars 16, 2006

Upp till kamp

Tröt idag men tänkte jag skulle delge er en av världens bästa låttexter.

The Struggle Continues

Everyday you give your more to receive your less. (Why?)/
I know it's hard to believe that mess. (So:)/
When you get home and you feel depressed.(Just:)/
Put on my tape and relieve the stress./
And yo, cut the system let it bleed to death./
Ain't nothing but your mission never leave your quest./
In pole position - speed up lead the rest./
They don't need to rest, they need to see we blessed./
Yo, life is like a tide - shit come and it goes./
Somebody had to cry cus somebody wanted it so./
You have to fight to feel the harmony flow,/
but it's hard when the light's both so far and so close

So when you fed up, and you tired of life:/ keep your head up, you'll reach higher heights./ Yo get up for the time is right./ My people step up, and shine your light.

Cus all of the trouble we've been through,/ and all of the evil that men do:/ makes us harder the struggle continues./ Come on my sisters and brothers and sing too./ Feel how the harmonies link you,/ while the struggle continues./ We got so many things to/ say and do now…

I know that life hurts. We all need a night nurse./
I need to write words - I need the right words./
To come across and make you feel my thirst./
Without this so called freedom of speech I might burst./
Transform the pain into a tight a verse./
Sendin' a shout out to all the freedom fighters/ t
hroughout the whole U 'n I verse - /
winning this struggle unless we die first./
Yo when you hurt so much that it's hard to speak,/
and it hurts so much you can hardly breath./
You wanna get up and fight but you far too weak./
Feels like a too long night for your heart to beat./
They wanna kiss and make up but talk is cheap./
You'd like to dis 'em straight up cus you're scarred too deep./
Don't be fooled, recognize the mark of the beast./
Stay true to yourself and you'll be hard to beat.

I've seen so many different faces, different places./
I've seen so many people strugglin' no matter the ages./
From your grand dads grand dad to newborn babies./
The answer that they givin' is all the same old phrases./
I've seen the pain gone away with medication/
and dirty syringes in dirty stair cases./
I've seen lives slaughtered by dictators./
Nowadays nothing is news cus nothing amazes./
I've seen so much that is hard to write,/
but it seems that's just a part of life,/
and the people who make us apologize/
is the same who make people starve tonight./
And when your mind sees no difference between wrong or right/
and your life sees no difference between dark or bright,/
and when not wakin' up is your only spark of light./
Remember, we got a war to fight!

The struggle continues till it suddenly hits you./ The biggest one is the struggle within you./ Kill out the hate that is bubblin' in you,/ before your mental poverty ends you./ Can you hear us…

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